War on Excellence excerpts

The War on Excellence: Our Secret Giant Education Bureaucracy and Me

The War On Excellence is a real, insider’s view from the trenches of our new education movement, based on DC Lambert’s seven years of experience as a high school English teacher. In a compelling memoir-style, Lambert shares her own gradual discovery how our current reform movement, in the name of excellence, is destroying excellence. Just not in the way people think.

Chapter 1: Ears, Brains, and Other Assorted Body Parts
Chapter 2: The Oracle

The War On Excellence is both laugh-aloud funny and a mind-blowing expose from behind the closed doors of our new rapidly changing 21st century school system. It is extremely topical at a time that parents are hungry for more information and are tired of their voices going unheard, and taxpayers want to know where their dollars go exactly.  Lambert is not a politician who wants to get elected, a bureaucrat who wants a job, or an investor who wants money. She is a teacher and parent who wants the best public education for our nation’s children. And she knows what’s going on behind closed doors.

DC Lambert earned her MFA from Warren Wilson College’s Program for Writers.  Her publications include short stories in Stand, ACM: Another Chicago Magazine, Columbia, and Connections, as well an academic book, Point of View in Mrs Dalloway: Rooms, Corridors and Houses.” She comes from a family of teachers. Her mother was an award-winning elementary schoolteacher; her sister runs her own preschool. Lambert has been involved in our public schools for over twenty years as a parent and has sat on the executive school board.  With the authority of the soldier in the trenches, she is personally invested in our school systems as a professional, a parent and a volunteer.   It’s time for her voice to be heard.